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UNARIUS: The marriage of religion and science

Published:Sunday | February 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMDr Glenville Ashby
Celeste Appel
Jack Appel facilitating a Unarius class

A discourse on energy, the unseen dimensions, the fallen cities of Atlantis and Lemuria, the destiny of the soul and the fate of the world cascaded effortlessly.

It was not read from a script but intimately conveyed to me by Celeste and Jack Appel, long-time adherents to the teachings of Unarius, an acronym that stands for Universal Articulate Inter-dimensional Understanding of Science.

In essence, Unarius is an umbrella body that transmits the philosophy of highly developed beings aimed at heightening the spiritual awareness of mankind.

It is promoted by the California-based non-profit organisation, Unarius Academy of Science, through its weekly classes and audiovisual and literary material.

According to Celeste, its teachings foster a greater understanding of life, personal development, creativity, and self-mastery.

"Unarius is love in action. Love means compassion. It is not emotional or carnal, but involves having a clear knowledge of energy principles and how it impacts our life," said Celeste.

The soul yearns to learn and create as it surmounts barriers and challenges through countless incarnations. It's a belief that runs counter to mainstream religion.

Unarius, referred to in traditional esoteric literature as the Great White Brotherhood, is made up of highly developed and intelligent minds, such as Leonard da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Pramahansa Yogananda, Kuthumi, Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus. Liberated from Samsara (cycle of birth and rebirth), they administer to the needs of our time.

"We are talking about a group consciousness that serves as guides and masters. Different terms are used to describe it, one of which is the Infinite Cosmos," said Jack.

According to the Appels, the teachings of Unarius are not unlike those originally offered by Jesus or Buddha, but they are now layered with fourth-dimensional physics and other scientific principles because we live in an age of technology.

In the 1950s, clairvoyant Ernest Norman channelled the core philosophy of Unarius. Today, there are 100 texts in the movements' library, some of which were channelled by his wife, Ruth, who also developed her perceptive abilities, serving as a conduit for archangel Uriel.

The library also holds testimonials of hundreds of students who studied and applied healing principles based on its self-help science.

Interestingly, Norman, said to be the incarnation of Jesus, was on a "rescue mission" when he brought healing, atonement, and awareness to his students, some who were culpable in the historical crucifixion.

"Studying and implementing the tenets taught by Ernest, along with the guidance from the masters will clear psychic blockages that originate from past lives," argued Celeste.


Past-life therapy


In fact, Jack's remarkable recovery from arthritis is attributed to past-life therapy, a self-help modality that is key to the Unarius doctrine.

Students are encouraged and trained to regress and view their past lives through their own cultivation. Having clinicians induce the hypnotic state is discouraged.

More often than not, students become cognisant of the unconscious impulses and forces at play in their lives. The soul, seeking birth, gravitates to people with whom it had a connection.

This explains the unique dynamics - for good or bad - between individuals and among people. Individual and group karma is carefully studied. Through past-life therapy, one is armed with knowledge, experiencing that 'Eureka' moment that brings about healing.

On good and evil, Celeste commented, "Evil is something we have to contend with and learn from. Both are energy fields, like the opposite ends of an energy pole - the positive and negative.

"Dark forces contested with the light in past civilisations such as Atlantis. It's the Yin and Yang in Eastern philosophy. You can't have one without the other. What is important is that you learn from your experiences. We tend to place judgement or a moral value on circumstances. They are good and bad based on our perception, but we do not understand the big picture. Tragedy is meant for us to evolve."

While there are no official statistics on demographics, it is widely believed that thousands of students learn and apply the teachings of Unarius, and many, despite detractors, have attested to their spiritual growth.

Students are advised to read The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation that serves as the movement's core text.

It presents a detailed account of the multidimensional Cosmos and the properties of spiritual sciences with the aim of marrying the seemingly disparate disciplines of science and religion.

Another text, Pulse of Creation Series, offers insights into the seven spiritual planes of Unarius. It is composed of five volumes and gives comprehensive descriptions of how highly intelligent minds live on each plane.

Also mentioned is the 19th-century channelled manuscript, The Occult Life of Jesus of Nazareth that was reprinted by Unarius in1968, and renamed The True Life of Jesus of Nazareth.

It is curiously supported by archaeological findings in Egypt and is markedly at odds with the canonical gospels. It also details the role of Mary of Bethany, known as the 13th disciple.

While contemporary theologians espouse the imminence of the Rapture and the terror of Armageddon, the Appels are buoyed by the transformational energy that is seeping into the ethers (the fifth element or spirit world).

They claim this augurs well for the fate of humankind. There is a sense that the heightened state of awareness and the proliferation of knowledge once experienced during the Age of Enlightenment is again upon us. But the fruition of this 'golden age' need not be precipitated by cataclysm, as many believe.

"Ultimately, the choices we make will determine the fate of our civilisation," ended Celeste.

- Dr Ashby is the author of 'Anam Cara: Your Soul Friend' and 'Bridge to Enlightenment and Creativity'.

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