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Thodore Wynter - working hard to make mom proud

Published:Thursday | March 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Shanna Monteith photo Theodore Wynter

Theodore Wynter hails from the rural community of Duckenfield in St Thomas. He is a 21-year-old who has been making his parish proud since 2004 when he was named The Gleaner's Children's Own Parish Spelling Bee Champion.

Now more than halfway through university, Wynter is still a high achiever in academia as he strives to complete his bachelor's degree in medical physics with a minor in computer science.

The aspiring research scientist told Rural Xpress that he has always had a passion for physics.

"Just the process of understanding how stuff works intrigues me. I also love to solve problems. I chose medical physics because I'm interested in how I can use my knowledge of physics and computer science to make some contribution to the betterment of health on a whole. Plus, physics is just cool!" he exclaimed.

Wynter revealed that though he comes from "humble beginnings" he was raised on principles and morals by a single parent who works hard to keep him comfortable and focused on achieving the best life has to offer.

"I love my mother very much; she means the world to me. I wouldn't say I'm totally among the privileged few, but due to the hard work of my mother, there's a lot to be grateful for. It's her hard work that afforded me the opportunity of attending university, among other things," he said.

Wynter has achieved 12 CSEC and six CAPE passes; a two-time honour roll listing; won the John Londenquai prize for the best performance in Level 1 Physics; earned a Digicel scholarship for attaining a GPA of over 3.3; and earned the F.H. Bowen Scholarship for good performance in Level 2 physics.

The past student of Morant Bay High School later served as captain of the quiz team at Camperdown High School in 2011.

"I have realised that the more I learn, the more new questions unravel in my head and, with my passion for physics, I just want to learn as much as possible. So, as the computer scientists would say, it's an infinite loop!"

He continued: "Another major aspect of my motivation is making my mother and family proud. I could never repay my mother for what she has done for me and what she is doing now. The least I can do is try to put a smile on her face and ensure she is happy, and allow her to see that all her hard work is paying off."