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Jamaica spent $8.3b more than budgeted in December 2015 quarter

Published:Friday | March 4, 2016 | 3:21 PM

The Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) says Jamaica spent some $8.3 billion more than was budgeted in the December 2015 quarter.

However, the institute notes that the spending was not due to preparations for the general election.

At a press conference yesterday PIOJ president Collin Bullock addressed concern about whether the previous administration spent more during the quarter than they would normally in order to complete projects in a bid to appease voters.

He says the increased amount was due to Revenues and grants being $2 billion higher than programmed.

In August, the outgoing Finance and Planning Minister Dr Peter Phillips said the Government would not overspend in the run-up to general election to benefit constituents.

Following the 2002 general election, then Finance Minister Dr Omar Davies admitted to increasing spending on government projects.