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Age is just a number…

Published:Saturday | March 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Nothing says 'age is just a number' like a 29-year-old man engaged to a woman 17 years his senior.

But with love being blind, non-racist, and without prejudice, the two are an inseparable pair.

Byron* was pleased to tell Family and Religion how he met the love of his life.

"It began as an office relationship. I started working with the company in 2014 as a summer worker in the Human Resources Department. One day, my manager gave me something to take to accounts, and that's where I saw her. I admired the way she presented herself as a senior accountant. I was totally blown away by her beauty and the way she spoke," he said.

Byron admitted that he had always been attracted to older, mature women.

"After I left her office, I could not stop thinking about her, so I enquired about her through my co-workers. I was seemingly haunted by documents that passed through my department bearing her name and signature. I was sent to her a second time, but this time, I went to the bathroom and ensured my face was washed and I was neat in my presentation before going to her. I was officially nervous. I played it cool and calm, picked up the document I was sent for, and went back to my desk," he said.

Though Byron said that he had not seen his crush for a few days following that encounter, he could not get her off his mind.


"One morning, I saw her and asked where she had been, and she said she was on vacation. I hurried back to my desk and thought of the best, most subtle, yet respectful way to personally tell her welcome back. I found a cute photo online, added my touch to it, and sent her an email internally and, pretty much, hoped for the best. I was nervous as the last thing I wanted to do was to seem disrespectful by crossing boundaries. She responded with 'thank you very much, and it was nice of you'. I started a conversation instantly," he said.

Byron told Family and Religion that he got her cell number and they kept in touch.

He admitted that though he looked at her file and saw that she had never been married but had two children, he was never deterred from pursuing her and the only thing that bothered him at the time was that she wasn't a Christian.


"Our department was having an afternoon of praise and worship and I invited her. She told me that that wasn't her thing as she was not a Christian. I encouraged her to come nevertheless, and she did. That made me nervous - in a good way. I love that sort of thing where whomever I date or show interest in has the same passion for Christ as I do, and this was a start," he said, adding that they began dating a few weeks after the worship session.

The man of God was pleased to announce that his love interest got baptised early last year, which was followed by their engagement a few months later. Not only did he win a star for his heavenly crown, he earned himself a wife.

He admits that at first, his now fiancÈe's daughter, who is only a few years younger than he, was a bit upset but became comfortable after her mother explained how happy she was.

"Her son is 17 and he was extremely overjoyed when he heard we were getting married. His main concern was that I wasn't there to break his mother's heart.

"She has never once mentioned my age, not even now. She doesn't care what people think either. She's happy, and that's all that matters," he said.

*Name changed