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The Bennetts - made for each other

Published:Thursday | March 3, 2016 | 1:30 PMShanique Samuels
Brian and Susan share a loving moment.
Brian and susan out on date night.
Brian and Susan on their wedding day.

For Brian and Susan Bennett, waking up next to each other every morning gives them a warm and comforting feeling they are still finding it hard to describe. But there is no doubt that what they feel for each other is real. It was as if destiny had a date with these two on June 11, 2011 when Brian, who is from St Thomas and Susan, who hails from Clarendon decided to attend a chorale rehearsal for their respective churches, in Kingston.

According to Susan, when she first met Brian, she was entirely captivated by his personality and decided to look him up. "From the first day I saw him, I just liked his appearance and his whole demeanour. As I got home I started searching Facebook to get an idea of who he was, but I could not find him," she told Family and Religion.

Several weeks later, their paths crossed again while on church business. "During my stay at camp, I had a mishap and was feeling a lot of pain and he hugged me and said, 'don't worry it's gonna be OK'. That hug captured my entire being and I was left in awe," she said They soon exchanged numbers and the conversation has been going on ever since.

As a Christian couple, the duo engaged in courtship but managed to keep boundaries out of respect for the offices they hold and the members whom they serve in church at both the local and national levels. Susan, who is a teacher is also the secretary for National Women's Fellowship. Brian, a factory chemist, is also the zone coordinator for his church.

Before they knew it, 20 months went by and Brian decided to pop the question.

"As our love grew for each other, we prayed earnestly about the relationship. We realised we were quite the compatible pair with good communication. We had a lot in common and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company." The couple sought professional counselling a few months after dating to make sure their relationship was on the right path. During premarital counselling, they confirmed they were perfect for each other.

"He's romantic, sensitive, helpful, and loving too. He surprises me with gifts for no special reason."

"We are happy and in love. It's been a great and exciting experience, so far, and we have no regrets, and I'd do it all over again the way it happened. We talk about every and anything. He's my closest friend," she said, adding that Brian smiles through every situation and has a very positive outlook on life. "We have our date nights, silent nights, and our family nights. He's a great dad to my daughter and he has been a good role model for her."

Susan told Family and Religion that: "God is the centre of our lives and the only other person we allow in our marriage. We pray together and encourage each other in our Christian walk. Brian is a role model especially to the young men in our church and the wider community."

Brian described his wife as a woman who possesses rare qualities. "She is a God-fearing woman and a great organiser who takes control of whatever situation that presents itself. She listens well and always gives good advice. She has a great sense of humour and she is one woman that any man would want to have in his life," he said.