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Torrye Brooks – filled with the right kind of love

Published:Saturday | March 5, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston
Contributed Torrye Brooks

Torrye Brooks is fired up and living a victorious life as a Christian. The special love she has found with the Lord is even more meaningful because for several years, she had been focusing on the wrong kind of love.

As she told Family and Religion, she was looking for love in all the wrong places. Hurt and abused by her boyfriend, she sought solace in lesbianism.

"I wanted love and attention and was tired of being hurt by males, and to me, homosexuals were happier, so I said 'I am going to try and date a girl and see how this turns out'," she said.

This was not hard to start as she already had a friend who was gay. They started texting until things got serious.

"All I wanted was that love and that acceptance; someone to just be faithful, and love me for me. I got all of that, so I got involved with her, not sexually but just for all that she had to offer," she said.

According to Brooks, she continued on that path for a while, meeting other girls while keeping a boyfriend to deflect attention from her gay lifestyle.

Brooks' world was shattered when she fell in love with a woman and had her heart broken. This showed her that same-sex relationships can lead to hurt as well.

"All I wanted was someone to be there, but I couldn't get that," she said.

This left her sad and angry.

Brooks, who lived with her father since she was a baby, said that she missed out on a mother's love.

It did not help that she had low self-esteem, thinking that she was not beautiful.

In November 2013, Brooks finally found the right kind of love, one that totally fulfilled her when she embraced Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

She was in church listening to the sermon and felt like the pastor was speaking directly to her. In spite of how guilty and uncomfortable she felt, she resisted the call to make a change and went straight back to her old lifestyle.


After attending a youth retreat, she was overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit and decided that her running days were over.

"I poured everything out to him. I totally surrendered. The question that stuck out was when the pastor said. 'If you should die tonight, where would you go?'. He further stated that a lot of us would say Heaven, but 'is your life right with God?' That hit me so hard because I know Heaven and Hell are real, but the life I was living would never take me to Heaven," she shared.

Brooks admitted that the walk of faith is not easy, but she said that it is totally worth it.

Taking her first steps in the Christian faith was rocky as she was tempted to return to her old lifestyle, plus she encountered "all kinds of problems". Brooks, however, held steadfast in her faith, getting deeper and deeper in the word.

"I saw that sin blinded me so much back then that I didn't see all these worldly desires, and all I was involved in didn't give me that joy, happiness, or that peace that I now have. Through all those temptations and testing, I overcame them by praying and also by encouragement from persons in the faith," she said.

Today, Brooks is reaching out to others who might be facing the same challenges she did, encouraging them to "turn to Jesus first. That's what I did. Let Him mend those broken pieces, fill those gaps, and break those chains off your life and you will never be the same".

Brooks, who was born and raised in St Catherine, is a past student of the Convent of Mercy Academy (Alpha High). Now living in Florida after recently migrating, she is a member of the Shores Worship Center in Ocala, Florida.

Using her past as motivation, Brooks is now working in a youth missionary programme.

"This is just young Christians like myself going out into the community and ministering to young people. I am still looking forward to greater things because I know God has a lot more in store for my life."