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Police nab suspected multiple murderer

Published:Sunday | March 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Police in Kingston Eastern Division look on as the body of a man was taken from the side of the dual carriageway in Rockfort.

Police in East Kingston believe they are a step closer to curtailing a rash of crimes in the Bull Bay community following the arrest of one of the men suspected of being at the heart of many incidents.

Lewin Cameron, also known as 'Warpo', who has been eluding police dragnets for more than three years, was arrested recently and the cops are convinced they have caught their man.

Cameron was last week pointed out during an identification parade as one of the men involved in at least one case of arson and a murder.

He is to be placed on additional identification parades this week in connection with several other crimes.

"We have him on one case of arson and one murder in the Bull Bay area. He is going to be charged with the murder and the arson but that is after the other identification parades," said a senior officer in the East Kingston Division.

"He was one of our outstanding long-time violence producers and he did things with impunity," said the officer, who asked not to be named. According to the cop, 'Warpo' and his cronies have often taken to bushy terrain of the Bull Bay hills to escape police pursuits.

"I came here in 2013 and he was wanted from those times. He is one of the persons giving the Rastafarians problems up at 'Bobo' hill," said the cop.

The police have listed Warpo among at least a dozen alleged multiple murderers in the division.


But the cops say they have not been able to arrest these men and have them convicted in court because residents from some communities are afraid to give evidence against them.

"We are trying to nurse the residents, using all kinds of methods. Those who we can get into the witness protection programme, those who want to be relocated to other communities and to other family members, we try to help them with that," said the officer.

"What we find, though, for the most part, is that once you sell good assurance and they see you regularly through the victims' support, we get some results. It is a painstaking thing that we are repeating but it is working."

- C. R.