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Footprints: Derrick Dunbar - Bond broken as ‘family glue’ passes

Published:Tuesday | March 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM

In Essex Hall, Lawrence Tavern, St Andrew, Derrick Oliver Dunbar was born on July 16, 1944.

Ruth and Burton Dunbar had brought him into this world to keep company with Ingrid, Windsor, Milton and Gladys.

He attended Essex Hall Primary and Oberlin High schools, and the College of Arts, Science and Technology (now the University of Technology).

The electromechanical engineer also studied in New York. His employment history includes working at the Public Works Department and with the Ministry of Health, servicing equipment in hospitals all around Jamaica from 1979 until he retired as the chief supervisor of the Electro Mechanical and Biomedical Department in 2005.

Married to Nelsa, Dun B, Mass D, Uncle D, Uncle Derrick, as he was affectionately called, did not sire any children himself, but he was father to adopted children, Cecile and Kevin; his siblings' children, Carlene, Michelle, Francine, Tanique, Torrace, Kine and Karli, and many godchildren.

He attended Bethuel Methodist Church and served on the board of Cavalries All-Age School.

Dunbar died on February 1 and was buried on February 13. At his funeral, he was remembered by his nieces as a respected, devoted, illustrious, caring, punctual, selfless, kind, self-sufficient, cheerful, fun-loving person, full of life; a community person with many friends; a man of few words; a family man.

"He was the glue that held the Dunbar family together," they said. "His death has left a void in our hearts, but we can rejoice that he fought the good fight, has run the race, and will now enjoy the rewards of a life filled with service and love for others."

"I love my godfather dearly. I remember the days when he would take me to the river on his back and to the field. After my clothes were washed, Uncle would iron and fold them neatly in my drawer. He would prepare the most delicious meal for me. Uncle Derrick was a disciplinarian. When I'm wrong, he would scold me, but still show me that he loves me. He taught me the values of life and its worth," a godson told the gathering.

Dunbar is survived by his wife; mother, Ruth; aunt, Blanche; brothers, Windsor and Milton; sisters, Gladys and Ingrid; nieces; sisters-in-law; et al.