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Portland Infirmary's laundry load eases

Published:Thursday | March 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis

The Portland Infirmary has benefited from a state-of-the-art washing machine, which was donated by a foundation, to assist with reducing the workload of handwashing.

The washing machine, which costs approximately $200,000, was acquired by the Portland Homecoming Foundation- through the kind donation from a group of concerned Jamaicans living in Washing DC, who were approached by the foundation.

"We are thankful for this donation," said Janet Golaub, matron at the Portland Infirmary.

"This is well-needed, as our washing machine is out of use - having broken down for an extended period. As a result, washing has to be done by hand, which is a long process. We will ensure that great care is taken when using this machine, so as to extend the life usage of the equipment," she added.

Approximately 70 residents are housed at the infirmary, which offers comfort and relaxation to the indigent, the elderly, the abandoned, the homeless, along with persons with disabilities.

The facility, which acts as a retirement home for many, is the only of its kind in the parish, offering also shelter and meals to residents.

Fay Neufville, secretary manager of the Portland Parish Council heaped praises on the homecoming foundation for their role in acquiring what she described as a well-needed piece of equipment, which will ease the burden of those having to do the laundry by hand.

"We are very much pleased for this kind donation," said Neufville.

Veronica Naysmith Cumry, a founding member of Portland Homecoming Foundation said the group, having learned about the need of the infirmary, took the decision to source the equipment as the need was great.

"On behalf of the homecoming foundation, we thank our friends from Washington DC, who were determined to make this a reality," she said.

"All our members are enthused about this particular donation, which was made possible by our friends in Washing DC. It is hearten to known that this machine is highly appreciated by the staff at this facility, and I am confident that it will be used for its intended purpose," she added.