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Stop being battering targets!...Longville Park women warned to break the cycle of abuse

Published:Thursday | March 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell -Livingston

Last Tuesday, which was celebrated as International Women's Day, the women at Longville Park Housing Scheme in Clarendon were warned to break the cycle of abuse ensuring it is not passed on to their children.

Speaking on the topic 'Stand Up, Speak Out and Take Action' Jeanette Shim-Hue of the HEART Trust National Training Agency, Clarendon had females totally captivated as she not only opened up her own life to them, but encouraged them to love themselves and stop being 'battering targets' for their partners.

Sharing her own life story in fleeing an abusive relationship 35 years ago, she told them the worst thing they can ever do is stay in that relationship for the sake of their children.

"As a guidance counsellor, I have had students telling me that they have lost respect for their mothers because of their decision to stay in such a relationship," Shim-Hue said.

She pointed out that it is not right for children to be living their lives walking on eggshells wondering when their father will erupt or if the blows will come their way too.

"Children need to have stability. This lifestyle is passed on from generation to generation. When are you going to break the cycle?" she asked.

The event also proved to be an eye opener for residents of the community as some of the women shared their stories on being survivors of abusive relationships.

Inspector Webb Spence from the Clarendon Police Department encouraged women to report abuse, noting that a lot of the domestic violence taking place in the parish has not been reported.

"Although we are aware that it is happening, we have not been receiving the reports," she said, even as she stated that too many are accepting this abuse as a form of love.

The Women's conference was presented by the Longville Park Citizens' Association Human Resource Committee in association with the Bureau of Women's Affair, Restorative Justice and Social Development Commission.

Arising from the conference plans are now in the pipeline to form the Longville Park Women Support group.