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Africa Connect - JASAFA to resume celebration of black history

Published:Sunday | March 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Patrons looking at some of the items on display at the Jamaica South Africa Friendship Association's ‘Africa Connect’ last October.

After suspending its planned activities to mark Black History Month because of the general election, the Jamaica South Africa Friendship Association (JASAFA) will resume its activities to celebrate black history this week.

On Friday, JASAFA will stage a fish fry and lyme at its headquarters at 23 Haining Road in New Kingston.

The lyme will see a number of live performances, coupled with friendly domino tournaments, a comedy corner and more. This begins at 6 p.m., but meals will be available for pick up or delivery from 11 a.m.

The JASAFA celebrations continue next Sunday with 'Africa Connect', a marketplace for authentic African and Caribbean art and craft, also at its New Kingston headquarters.

Africa Connect is open and free to those persons who wish to sell and display their creative work.

In addition, the organisers have added a new feature to Africa Connect, which was first held in October last year. This time, high-school students who are aspiring artists and craftsmen will be able to sell and display their works through an art competition which JASAFA has introduced in schools.


The decision to add this feature was made following the launch of the concept in October last year and the overwhelming response and enquires received by the association after this initial launch.

According to JASAFA president Dennis Wright: "We want it to become a significant outlet for our craft dealers and those involved in the creation of local art and craft.

"We want to use it as a launching pad for young people who are aspiring to use their talent to earn from the creative industry."

Wright added that JASAFA has been noticing that many of the craft items on the market are being imported or made in other countries with the Jamaica brand splashed all over them.


"We want to provide a fair market for local craftsmen to sell their goods. This will be part of our mission of building bridges as the event will be for African as well as Caribbean art and craft."

He noted that 'Africa Connect' will not be restricted to Jamaican artists as those from around the Caribbean who have their works to sell and are looking for a market are invited.

"As the concept expands, it will also be open to people from Africa. It will be a fair exchange of talent and services from the region, as well as the motherland, showcasing the outstanding talents from both regions - Africa and the Caribbean," said Wright.

The JASAFA president said the marketplace will also be used as a way of introducing and attracting new and young people as members of JASAFA.

"Africa is on the rise and other countries are tapping into the many opportunities and outlets for doing big business. Jamaica, with its strong ties, will not be left behind," declared Wright.