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Destination downtown: The Waterfront ...Kingston’s best-kept secret

Published:Tuesday | March 15, 2016 | 12:00 AMAndrew Harris
Friends Sophia Ledgister (left) and Patricia Silent enjoying their quiet time on the Kingston Waterfront.
A man chilling under a tree at the waterfront last Saturday.
Amateur fishermen trying to get a bite at the Kingston waterfront.
The jelly man, Walter Emmanuel Duncan, provides a cool coconut and snacks for persons who visit the waterfront.
More adventurous fishermen move further from the shore to seek their catch.
For those who want a quiet place to think, check the waterfront early on a Saturday or a Sunday.

It is one of the best-kept secrets in downtown Kingston, and those in the know will be unhappy that The Gleaner has decided to disclose this information, but this gem is to good to remain under the radar. It's the Kingston waterfront.

For a nice relaxing time, the Kingston waterfront stands shoulders above anywhere else in the capital city. Just ask Sophia Ledgister and Patricia Silent.

They recently spent their first Saturday on the waterfront and told our news team that it was a refreshing, rejuvenating experience.

"This is just the place to be when you want to relax and meditate. It's quiet, it's nice, and you can relax," said Ledgister

with a smile.

"There is no one here to rob you, and you don't have to have that feeling of fear. I feel very comfortable here," added Ledgister.

Silent delighted in seeing persons quietly enjoying themselves, with young boys diving into the water, even if it was not as pristine as it once was.

"Not even a man's touch can be compared to the meditation that you receive out here. It brings you back to a refreshing state," said Silent.

"Down here is comfortable, nice, and the breeze feels so good. We can look at the water coming in and the waves. It's just beautiful!" added Silent.

While the two friends relaxed, amateur fishermen were seen trying to get the fish to bite even as seagulls also took aim at the fish. Further from the shore, small boats meandered, seemingly making their way back to land.

Nearby, couples gave each other space as they enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere either on the well-manicured lawns or in their cars.

"Most people come here when there is an event like New Year's Eve fireworks or some party, so they don't get to enjoy the full beauty," said Norman Brown, who was there with his wife of two years and their young son.

"I come here like on a Saturday afternoon or straight from church on a Sunday when it is quiet and peaceful like this, and we just enjoy the family time," added Brown, who had a bag packed with snacks and juice.

"Hey, Gleaner! Nuh bother loud this up and mek the crowd start come here!" warned Brown with a smile.