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Footprints: Junior Dowie - Memories of Daddy

Published:Tuesday | March 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Morin Seymour (left, foreground), with officiating minister Reverend Father Louis Hurst (right, foreground) of the Kingston Parish Church, conduct the reception of the body at the funeral of veteran Gleaner photographer Junior Dowie. Standing beside the coffin are son Wayne Dowie (left), and friend Donovan Shepherd (right). Behind Shepherd is Lloyd Williams, close friend, and grandson Daniel Reid. The Service of Thanksgiving for Dowie was held at the Kingston Parish Church on Saturday, March 12.

The children of the late Junior Dowie put their feelings down on paper to tell the world about the great man as a father.

Kind, gentle, soft-spoken and humble are words we have been hearing and seeing in public tributes about our dad. Fortunately, these are the same qualities he displayed at home.

We nicknamed him 'The General' when we were very young - a title he had his whole life, unknown to him. He was very strict and he ran the household like an army, with his 'Lieutenant' (Mommy).

He was very soft-spoken, but got our attention with one stern look; we knew it meant either sit down' or 'stop the noise'. When he clicked his finger, you knew you were out of line and should stop.

He had a strict routine for us and we had to stick to the drill. We had to speak properly at all times, be respectful to our elders, and dress appropriately.

Despite the discipline he enforced, we were never afraid of him. We always respected him. We were encouraged from an early age to listen to the evening newscast, read the newspapers, and keep up to date with world events. Many discussions and debates took place in our living room. We were a loud, dramatic bunch. Those debates will surely be missed.

Photography was his passion. He loved his job and never complained when he was given assignments. No matter the time of day, Daddy was always ready to go.

During his 60-year tenure as a photographer, Daddy received numerous honours and awards, which he truly deserved. We are extremely proud of him.

Junior Dowie's funeral was held at the Kingston Parish Church on Saturday, March 12.