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Better days are ahead - commish

Published:Wednesday | March 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Dozens of St Mary's best-performing police personnel were honoured with trophies last Saturday night during an awards and recognition banquet at the prestigious Robins Bay Villa and Beach Resort.

During the ceremony, attended by National Security Minister Robert 'Bobby' Montague and Custos Errol Johnson, guest speaker Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams praised the officers for their hard work and dedication.

Noting that St Mary was one of the island's least crime-ridden parishes, and probably the best division to groom future commanders, Williams said, "Just recently, two big illegal guns were seized at a beach in Pagee, Port Maria.

"That is just a stark warning that this pristine parish has now become a launching point for drugs and a landing point for guns, out of the guns-for-drugs trade. It is happening with increased regularity now, and we have to come to grips, organise ourselves, and prepare to fight this new trend in crime.

"It's really going to take some hardcore policing, but we are going to need the citizens on our side because, if we don't have them, this trend will overtake us and before long it's going to be like Hanover and Westmoreland."




The commissioner added: "I'm confident we are going to see a better year this year in terms of crime. We have been reducing all major crimes for the last six to seven years. Only in the category of murder have we seen some fluctuations. Some years we're up, and others we're down.

"This year, I do believe we're going to be down, and if what we've seen already in St Mary is any indication of where we're going, then we're going to have a good year. I'm confident we can do it. We're going to tackle it, area by area, division by division, and we'll get it done. We will once again make this country safe."