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How can I get a passport for homeless man?

Published:Wednesday | March 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Q: I am currently trying to help an individual who is, at the moment, homeless after his release from a prison here in the UK. He has no form of identification and he lost his passport when he went to prison. He now wants to replace his passport which was issued in Jamaica. Please advise me on how he may obtain a passport, how much will it cost, and can he apply for one from the UK? I am an advocate and can vouch for his identity.

A: Dear advocate, your client can apply for his passport in the UK; however before he does so, he would need to go to the police and make a report concerning the loss of his passport. He would then obtain a lost passport report from the police and submit same along with his passport application form to the Jamaican High Commission in London or at the Jamaican consular office in Birmingham, whichever is closer to him.

You indicated, however, that this individual has no form of identification, which is a requirement for an adult who is applying for a passport. Alternatively, he would need to get an older relative, specifically a parent or sibling, to provide a declaration stating that he is who he claims to be. They must also provide a valid identification along with their birth certificate. Unfortunately, you are not able to make such declaration.

If the relative making the declaration is in Jamaica, then they may visit our head office on Constant Spring Road in Kingston and submit the declaration and identification. If he has relatives in the UK who is capable of making such declaration, then they may submit the declaration and their identification at the Jamaican High Commission. The declaration would be considered along with the application form when such documents are received at our head office.




In completing the application form, your client would follow the usual steps. Application forms are available on our website at www.pica.gov.jm. and on the Jamaican High Commission's website at www.jhcuk.org. Please ensure that the application form and only one of the two passport photos are notarised. Persons who can notarise these documents include any one of the following persons:

- Justice of the peace;

- Attorney-at-law;

- Notary public;

- Medical doctor;

- Consular officer;

- Minister of religion authorised to perform marriages.

Please note that both the application form and the photo must be signed by the same person. He must also submit an original copy of his birth certificate. Ensure that your application form and photographs are valid. Application forms and photographs are valid up to six months after the date of certification.

The cost for the passport is £100 and this must be paid on the date of the application in cash or postal order. Applications submitted via post should be accompanied by postal orders only. Applications are processed within 20 working days of receipt at our head office in Kingston. The document is then sent to the consulate office from which the application is made, where your client can collect it.

For further information, visit our website at: www.pica.gov.jm. For enquiries please write

to: info@pica.gov.jm. Like

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