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JUST IN: Simpson Miller names 31-member Council of Spokespersons

Published:Friday | March 18, 2016 | 2:50 PM
Simpson Miller: The Spokespersons Council is not intended to shadow precisely the Cabinet as structured, and the Council is not a Shadow Cabinet

The Opposition has announced a 31-member council of spokespersons including nine deputies.
The Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller says she has sought to include the vast majority of Parliamentarians to adequately cover and give effective oversight to all subject areas, "and importantly, to provide experience to our younger Parliamentarians".
"The Spokespersons Council is not intended to shadow precisely the Cabinet as structured, and the Council is not a Shadow Cabinet," she said.
Simpson Miller said Dr Omar Davies, Robert Pickersgill and Derrick Kellier have opted not to be included in the Spokespersons Council but they will provide guidance and mentorship to the Council and will concentrate on political matters.

She also said Fitz Jackson has, for personal reasons, asked to be permitted to concentrate on his Parliamentary duties and personal business.
‎"I have mandated each spokesperson to establish a Task Force for their subject area. The Task Forces will support the Spokespersons and encourage wide participation in their work. Each Task Force will be chaired by a person who is not a Parliamentarian," Simpson Miller said.

Leader of the Opposition, Defence, Social Transformation, Community Development and Gender Affairs
Portia Simpson-Miller
Colin Fagan (deputy)

Finance and Planning
Dr. Peter Phillips

Public Service and Public Sector Modernisation Senator
Lambert Brown

Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade
Dr. Morais Guy

National Security
Peter Bunting

Energy and Mining (and Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives)
Phillip Paulwell

Industry, Investment and Commerce
Anthony Hylton

Justice and Governance (and Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate)
Senator Mark Golding

Education and Training
Ronald Thwaites
Michael Stewart (deputy)

Dr. Wykeham McNeill

Horace Dalley
Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield (deputy)

Information and the Knowledge Economy
Julian Robinson
Dwayne Vaz (deputy)

Land and the Environment
Senator Sophia Frazer-Binns

Dr. Dayton Campbell
Victor Wright (deputy)

Mikael Phillips

Richard Azan
Dr. Winston Green (deputy)

Housing and Rural Development
Luther Buchanan

Labour and Social Security
Dr. Fenton Ferguson Senator
Floyd Morris (deputy)

Youth and Culture
Lisa Hanna

Sport and Entertainment
Natalie Neita

Local Government
Noel Arscott
Denise Daley (deputy)

Water and Climate Change
Ian Hayles
Evon Redman (deputy)