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Munro College, cradle for future politicians

Published:Friday | March 18, 2016 | 12:00 AMAndre Poyer
Donald Sangster
John Gyles,
Herbert Eldemire
Roy McNeill
Burchell Whiteman
Ruel Reid
J.C. Hutchinson
Floyd Green
Aubyn Hill

Munro College is known for producing leaders who go on to make an impact both within the halls of Government and the private sector. In respect of the newly elected Government, the all-boys boarding institution has produced four key appointees. They are : William J.C. Hutchinson, Ruel Reid, Floyd Green and Aubyn Hill. Hutchinson, Reid and Green have been appointed to ministries and together make up 18.8 per cent of the Andrew Holness-led Cabinet.

Hutchinson who attended Munro between 1962-1963, was appointed as Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Ruel Reid, who was a student between 1977-1984 and also taught at Munro for 10 years, will serve as a senator and Minister of Education, Youth and Information.

Floyd Green who left the 'city on the hill' in 1999, will be Reid's deputy. Aubyn Hill who was named as a senator attended Munro between 1962 and 1968.




Reacting to the appointments, past student Arthur Williams who is president of the Munro College Old Boys' Assocation (MCOBA) said, "It is impressive that Munro College has four old boys in the present Parliament - one in the Senate and three in the House of Representatives. All three in the House are Ministers - two Cabinet Ministers, in J.C. Hutchinson and Ruel Reid and a State Minister in Floyd Green. Munro over the years has had many old boys who have been in Parliament and some of whom have served as ministers."

"As impressive as the present situation is however, it cannot equal the first Cabinet in independent Jamaica of 1962-1967 where of the 14 ministers comprising the Bustamante Cabinet, six were Munro old boys: Donald Sangster, Ken Jones, Roy McNeil, John Gyles, Neville Ashenheim and Herbert Eldemire," he added.

Another prominent old boy who has sat in the Cabinet is High Commissioner, Burchell Whiteman. He served as Minister of Education in the P.J. Patterson administration.

It is also interesting to note that although Prime Minister Andrew Holness did not go to Munro, his father Morris Holness went for two years and his Uncle Bevin Holness went for all seven years.