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Munroe points to fall in corruption in Jamaica

Published:Friday | March 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Convenor of National Integrity Action (NIA) Professor Trevor Munroe said Jamaica has seen progress in the fight against corruption, advancing noticeably in the global standing.

"We are way below the global average. In 2006, one out of every three Jamaicans would offer a bribe to get a passport or driver's licence. Now it has gone down to one out of every 10," Munroe told a large gathering attending the 10,000 Men and Family March in Spanish Town, St Catherine on Sunday.

"We have cause to be hopeful for further progress if we stand against wrongs, even when the wrongs don't affect us."

He lashed out at persons who continue to indulge in corrupt practices, declaring that his organisation stands against all forms of corruption and corrupt officials.

"We stand against corruption where a man can get certain job because him belong to the right party, or a man lose a job because he belongs to the wrong party," Munroe said.

"We want to see a man get a work not because him belong to orange or green, but because he is qualified and can do the work."

According to Munroe: "Research has shown that if we are able to deal with the level of crime and corruption, we would be earning three times more than what we are presently earning.

"It is crime and corruption that is keeping the businesses away from Spanish Town and Jamaica and preventing our young people from getting decent jobs."