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Truckers association lists disadvantages of new toll road

Published:Friday | March 18, 2016 | 10:15 AM

The island’s truckers seem set to spurn the newly opened North-South Leg of Highway 2000 as they say they stand to lose more than they will gain by using it.

In a release last night, the All Island Truckers' Association outlined a number of disadvantages they say the toll road, which runs from St. Catherine to St. Ann, presents for truckers.

The association’s secretary, Judith Ann Williams-Sharpe, says the $3,700 toll that is being proposed for truckers would be an additional strain that would not be balanced out by any savings on fuel.


The association says there is a less than 10 kilometre difference in distance between the highway and the traditional route through the Bog Walk Gorge and Linstead.

Williams Sharpe says while some vehicles will be able to cover the distance faster on the smooth roads, it is not the same case for large vehicles like trucks and trailers:


Secretary for the All Island Truckers' Association, Judith Ann Williams-Sharpe.

The association also says heavy units face the risk of overheating and developing engine and other mechanical issues based on the gradient of the roadways.

It says these costs are higher than those for front end damage on the traditional routes.

The association says it would not be able pass on the additional costs to customers as the impact on goods and services would be devastating.

The truckers want the traditional routes properly maintained so they can continue to use them.

However, they say they would consider using the toll road on the return leg of their trips if the toll rates are significantly reduced.