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Julian Sampson speaks about father and son’s unbreakable bond

Published:Saturday | March 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Father/son love - Jordan and Julian
Julian Sampson and his son Jordan sharing a moment.

Having grown up without a father, Julian Sampson made a vow that if he were to ever become one, he would ensure his child felt his presence. An indelible mark would be left and a strong father-son bond would be cultivated.

Being a college student at the time he got news that he would be a father did not prevent him from standing up to his role as a 'soon to be parent' and his planning began immediately.

"When I was told that I was going to be a father, I was overjoyed, because it was always a dream of mine to be a father, moreso to have a son. Immediately, I started making plans for what I needed to do in order to be a successful father. My emotions were running wild and so were my thoughts."

"I was filled with joy - I could hardly think straight. Nevertheless, I managed to compose myself and started the planning process. The clothes, colours, stroller, car seat - because I would not allow for the baby and the mother to use public transportation, especially in her more advanced stages; food and books for him while he was still inside her belly. I spoke to him while he was still in the womb and, yes, he responded by jumping and flipping."

The excitement of waiting for his son was incomparable to the emotions he felt when his offspring arrived.

"I was so happy that he was finally here even though the boy did not wait on his due date. I was so happy I cried tears of joy and proudly yelled, 'Yes I am the man!' The reality of being a father finally kicked in and my life changed as I would have to live to promote and influence my son in a positive way."

In response to the importance of bonding with one's child, Sampson explains.

"A child, even a boy child, needs to know that he is loved and it is the father's responsibility to introduce and teach his child love from in the home. There should be the element of trust, openness and communication at all times. My son will know, no matter what the circumstance, that it is always OK to talk to me. And he will be raised in a way that he will have an appreciation for my friendship outside of fatherhood. He will never have to fear coming to me at anytime or seeking guidance, because I am seen as a biased and uncompassionate dad."

"I have maintained a connection with him throughout the pregnancy by reading and talking to him. I have continued the process even to this point and this, I believe, has created a bond that he trusts. He even calls me Julian and he's excited every time he hears my voice.

"Not only are we are connecting through the father-son bond, but by a more Supreme energy. The moments he does not hear from me, even though he is just four years old, he takes up his mother's phone and calls me. I must say many times I'm unaware of what he is saying, however I build my own conversation around that and when he insists I listen, I ask his mom to translate for me." Sampson expressed with a chuckle.

Amid the messy diapers he is often greeted with and the constant need to spend free time at KFC, the young dad expresses that he wouldn't trade it for all the silver in the world.

"Fridays are designated for him. His mother spoilt him by taking him to KFC, so usually on our special day, that's a must. He usually wants the meal just to get the toy because he rarely eats the chicken, but he loves the fries. He usually wastes his and then takes over my meal so we end up sharing what's left of mine. He'll then play around with other children for a while, then we go home and he watches TV. My son is my greatest treasure. His smile gives me hope," added Sampson.

Mindful of his every action having the ability to affect his child, he is of the view that every decision must be made with his child in mind.

"I play with him. I love him and cherish him. When his mother gets mad at him, we argue because I cherish his every being. But at this tender age, I don't allow to think that he will get whatever he wants neither is he allowed to think he is OK to throw tantrums and have his way. He is taught respect at this tender age as I am sure this is the time these lessons must be taught."

"I am from an old-school household and those teachings will live on where I am concerned. As the Good Book states, 'Train up a child in the way he should and when he is old he will not depart'. This I have proved to work because though I had deviated from what I was taught at home, I found my way back because it was instilled in me. And I am sure the same teachings will serve as a compass to my child also," he ended.