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Omar Ewen’s vision for Jamaica

Published:Saturday | March 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Thirty-two-year-old Ewen plans to deal with issues affecting the island one community at a time.
Omar Ewen
Ewen and his team aim to help people spiritually while they meet all their other needs.

mar Ewen has a vision for Jamaica. He wants to help people to experience holistic success. With others who share a similar vision on his team, he is on a mission to succeed.

Ewen, a native of Jamaica, was raised in Anguilla, but now lives in the US Virgin Islands, where he serves as a worship leader and gospel artiste. He visited his country of birth to work on his music for what was supposed to be three weeks.

According to him, however, God had a different plan.

"During that time, my heart began to connect strongly with my country, which I never really got the chance to know and experience since I moved away as a child. I later realised it was a divine set-up as my heart began to reach out to my fellow Jamaicans, many of whom I notice are living below the standards of other countries in which I've lived," he said.

Ewen told Family and Religion that he then embarked on a prayer journey as he dedicated his movements to the direction of God.

"When I left Jamaica in November 2015, it was with the intention of returning to stay for a very long time to establish a community outreach here. I was able to build an excellent team since I had just begun to connect with all the right people. We've been planning and training since summer of 2015 and are now in the process of registering the organisation and planning to launch by summer 2016," he said.


With hopes of avoiding the stigma associated with the Church, Ewen and his team aim to help people spiritually, while they meet all their other needs.

"We'll have some preliminary events, which include community-connect group meetings designed to simply 'do life together'. In these group meetings, participants will help to develop each other socially, intellectually, professionally, spiritually, financially, physically (health and wellness), and so on. We want to minister to the whole man, not just his spirituality. We want to follow Jesus' model of catering to the physical and other needs of the person before even catering to the spiritual.

My heart is for Jamaica and to see us rise to our rightful place as one of the leading countries in the Caribbean and the world, and that being evident in the quality of life that Jamaicans here enjoy," Ewen said.

The thirty-two-year-old told Family and Religion that the group's plan is to deal with this issue one community at a time, one individual at a time "until we begin to see the change in Jamaica, Land We Love".