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Ronald Hall – a server of society and a family man

Published:Saturday | March 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Ronald Hall
Ronald Hall and daughter Ana-Chrystina during a Daddy Girls’ Day.

Mandeville, Manchester:

Some are taught how to be great while others are born with the instinctive nature to excel in every aspect, becoming well-rounded individuals and admired for their accomplishments and service above self.

To this, Ronald Hall can certainly attest as he has sought to conquer, has conquered, and continues to transcend boundaries as a forensic crime-scene investigator, a detective, a student of law, a father, a photographer, and videographer.

But where did it all begin?

"I grew up in Lennox Bigwoods, a large community on the outskirts of the more popular Darliston in Westmoreland. As a child, I was surrounded by my mother, father, siblings, and a host of extended family members. We were not allowed to fraternise with the children in the community as our mother stressed the importance of having the values and taking it to the books."

It was as a result of a hard-working mother that Hall was further motivated to become academically potent.

"My mother, Christine Hall, is one of the strongest women I know in all my life. I can remember days when she took to farming to send all five of us to school, and, of course, nothing was too big or too good for us, so she would do whatever was necessary to ensure that we had a proper education."


He continued, "I can distinctly remember that my dream was to become a pilot, and I did everything in my power to pursue this. I got accepted to a Canadian school of aviation at age 17 and all things were in place for me to go off to study - except the school fees. As is the situation with the average Jamaican student, wanting to study abroad, money, or a lack thereof, was a key issue. The amount, which was more than CDN$40,000, at the time, was not within our reach. My mother did everything she could to source the money, but in the end, her efforts were futile as she could only come up with J$100,000 - a small portion of what was needed."

Having had his hope of becoming a pilot dashed, Hall took on jobs to get by, some of which included tour guiding, working at the Rural Agricultural Development Agency as a contractor, working with the Electoral Office of Jamaica as a verifier, and at a call centre in St James.

During this time, he pursued many courses, all in a bid to keep the flames of his education ablaze.

"But I wanted more out of life and, as a result, I started looking at other long-term careers. This thrust me into the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) at a very tender age. I spent some time after graduating, working in administration at the Manchester Divisional headquarters, from where I went on to study forensics, and am now serving as forensic crime-scene investigator and detective."

Currently, a student at the University of Technology, where he is studying law, Hall is also a photographer and videographer. He has used these skills to bring joy to the lives of a number of persons.

"The road has not been easy carrying out my professional responsibilities full-time along with my personal life. As a law enforcer and working in (my) field, balance is very important as the work hours are long and require us to be very meticulous and have a keen eye for detail."

He added, "The JCF is an organisation with many hard-working men and women who give of their best efforts and time willingly for the sake of serving and protecting, and many of us do it with much dignity and pride for the love of both the job and country. With that said, I hail and salute my colleagues and encourage them to keep on fighting the good fight as our aim is to create a better Jamaica for all."

Hall admits that there is no true validation than that which is received from God and close family.


"As a child, I don't think I could have envisioned my life being this way, but I'm grateful to God Almighty as everything is a part of His grand purpose and will. I have no regrets as the roads I have walked have had many ups and downs, but they have built my character and continue to do so. I am also married to a supportive woman who shares my dreams and keeps spurring me on to varying heights of success, herself carrying a demanding job and leading a hectic lifestyle. But Latoya is a selfless person who cares about me and wants what's best for me always, and for that I'm thankful."

He added, "I am also close to my sisters, Petrona and Tamara, as we grew up together, shared in the common struggles, and have always been close. My first child, Ana-Chrystina, is my joy as she embodies exactly who I am. The other girls, Ashleigh and Alayna, are a joy to father and I am happy to be blessed with them all in my life."

Believing that the sky is limit, this power-packed young man is endorsing the fact that all can be done through the strength of Christ and he's willing to take the steps.