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The 'Movement' against underage drinking

Published:Monday | March 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Floyd Green, state minister for education, youth and information, greets Ricardo Nuncio, managing director of Red Stripe.

In its ongoing commitment to promote responsible drinking habits, Red Stripe will be incorporating 'edutainment' into its awareness campaign with the focus on tackling underage drinking. Red Stripe has partnered with Collingwood Learning Solutions Limited in the United Kingdom and local production house, SankofaArts and Facilitation, to create an engaging theatrical piece called The Movement.

Known as Smashed in the United Kingdom where it originated, the programme is an award-winning, live theatre production which seeks to change young persons' attitudes to alcohol. It is also aimed at educating students on the facts about alcohol, explores causes and consequences of alcohol misuse and helps students tackle peer pressure and make informed choices.

The Movement, which is endorsed by the Ministry of Education and the National Council on Drug Abuse, will reach 30 high schools across the island, impacting 6,000 young people between 11 and 18 years old.


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State Minister for Education Youth and Information Floyd Green commended Red Stripe for its creative engagement by using a theatrical dramatisation to educate the youth of the consequences of underage drinking and effects of alcohol misuse.

The Movement is an excellent way of creatively educating our young people about underage drinking and the Ministry of Education is proud to be partnering with Red Stripe on this initiative," Green said.

Meanwhile, Diane Ashton Smith, Red Stripe's head of corporate relations said, "Responsible drinking not only means drinking in moderation and eating before you drink, but also deciding not to drink at all; and in the case of young people under 18 years old, we want to convey that alcohol is not for them. Using drama and useful facts to share this message, will be impactful for the intended audience."

The Movement theatrical production will be led by Sankofa Arts and Facilitation, founded and led by Fabian Thomas, which is dedicated to creating transformational change through the use of performing arts. They deliver both educational, arts, and corporate projects dedicated to educating through performance and facilitated activities.

Smashed has been growing in popularity over the last 11 years and has visited over 1,300 schools and reached 300,000 young people, winning good-practice awards and recognition from the UK Government. The project has since gone international with tours in Vietnam, Taiwan, Northern Ireland, and now Jamaica.