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Taxi operators join call for lower North-South highway toll rates

Published:Monday | March 21, 2016 | 12:42 PM

Taxi operators have joined the call for lower rates than those proposed for the North-South link of Highway 2000, which runs from Caymanas in St Catherine to Mammee Bay in St Ann.

The proposed toll rates were announced last week with some as high as $3.700.

However,  president of the National Council of Taxi Associations, Deon Chance, says the proposed rates are not economical.

He says any time saved using the highway would be cancelled out by the cost of using it.


It’s being proposed that drivers of Class One vehicles be charged a rate of $1,220 to go the full journey, Class Two would pay $2,450, Class Three a rate of $3,700 and Class Four would pay $600.

On the Linstead to Caymanas route, the proposed toll rate for Class One vehicles is $500, Class Two $1,000, Class Three $1,500 and Class Four $250.

However, Chance says the association would consider a toll of about $700 for Class One vehicles going the full route as reasonable.


President of the National Council of Taxi Associations, Deon Chance, speaking on Independent Talk on Power 106 FM this morning.

Chance says the association will be sending its written submission on the proposed rates to the Toll Authority today.

Members of the public have until tomorrow to make their submissions, following a one-day extension.

The island’s truckers have already stated they will not use the new highway at the proposed rates.

The opposition, People’s National Party, has called for a review of the proposed charges.