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New toll rates on North-South Link take effect Wednesday night

Published:Wednesday | March 23, 2016 | 7:38 PM

The new toll rates for the use of the North South Highway will take effective on midnight  Wednesday.

The Transport Ministry says when motorists enter the highway, they will be given a card, which they should keep safely until they arrive at the exiting toll plaza.

At the exiting plaza, the card should be given to the toll clerk, who will input the information into the system, which will determine the amount to be paid based on the class of the vehicle and the entry point to the toll road.

The rates will be 25 per cent less than the proposed amounts that were publish in the newspapers a week ago.

The ministry says over 450 responses were received from the motoring public denouncing the rates.

However, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, on Wednesday afternoon announced a 25 per cent cut in the rates following two days of negotiations with the toll operator.