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Camperdown to seek injunction halting Schools' Challenge Quiz season

Published:Thursday | March 24, 2016 | 8:53 AM
The Camperdown Schools' Cahllenge Quiz team.

Camperdown High School is to seek an injunction from the courts to halt the present season of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz.

The legal action follows its loss to Ardenne High in a controversial rematch which aired on Tuesday.

Camperdown had won the initial match and for at least three days last week, the school was of the impression that it would make a rare appearance in the quarterfinals of the 47- year- old competition.

However last Friday, TVJ called a meeting, and accepted that there was a scoring error in the initial match which was recorded last Monday and aired two days later.

According to a statement from Television Jamaica and parent company Radio Jamaica Limited, during a meeting of the boards yesterday, RJR's attorney received notice that Camperdown will seek the injunction halting the competition until the matter has been resolved to the school’s satisfaction.

The matter is expected to be heard today and the boards of TVJ and Radio Jamaica have vowed to respond vigorously.

TVJ says its management has been advised "to stoutly present its case including making clear that all schools have agreed to abide by the decisions of the judges and that the judges’ decision is final."

The quiz show is also facing a backlash over a round three match involving Kingston College and Campion College.

KC lost the match but is contending that the public has not been given all the information surrounding the conduct of the game.