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Guardsman Alarms rolls out Nexedge Digital Technology

Published:Thursday | March 24, 2016 | 12:00 AMKeisha Hill
All of the guards within the Guardsman Group of companies will find the new technology to their liking.
Fleet drivers will find NEXEDGE useful.
Guardsman NEXEDGE is useful in confined or noisy spaces.

Guardsman Alarms Limited has introduced the NEXEDGE range of advanced digital radios using the NXDN protocol with the necessary features, capabilities, and performance to satisfy all the requirements of their clients.

The NEXEDGE range of advanced digital radios was introduced by Kenwood in 2008. It is the first system of its kind to offer the the ability to communicate with both analog and digital handsets, switching automatically.

Garth Kitson, general manager at Guardsman Alarms Limited, said, that as the flagship bearer for electronics and efficiency in a highly competitive market, the company has spent close to $120 million to upgrade the radio system in Jamaica. The digital upgrade he said, now makes them the only company of its kind in Jamaica utilising a digital radio system.

"It is the most advanced system that Kenwood offers worldwide with a common channel through which all our subsidiary companies can communicate with each other, although each company is on an individual network," Kitson said.

With user capacity in excess of 5,000, the radio system, initially based in Kingston, St Andrew, and St Catherine, now operates in St Ann, St James, and Westmoreland.

Thus, all NEXEDGE equipment in these areas can communicate with analog radios, either terminal to terminal, as a system, or even as a multi-site trunked network, while providing a cost-effective solution to customers migrating from analog to the proven advantages of digital.



Dayne Edwards, Technical Supervisor/Radio Communications and CCTV said that with the many features of the NEXEDGE radio system, they are able to deliver clear voice quality even in the noisiest of environments, while its digital encryption provides complete protection against casual eavesdropping.

"There are interesting emergency features that include panic signals. If the user is under duress or distress, the radio, based on its programming, sends a signal back to base, which is ideally suitable for persons who work in confined spaces. With the GPS feature, it tells the position of the radio and we are able to monitor the guard posts location and whoever has the radio," Edwards said.

"We have per event rental, so at the end of an event, the radio is returned; and we have lease agreements; where we maintain and replace the devices as needed; and we also have sales agreements, where we actually sell the radios," Grey said.

For more information on the NEXEDGE range of advanced digital radios, email info.guardsmanalarms@ guardsmangroup.com.