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Police hold students with fake guns, say they were made after boys watched YouTube videos

Published:Thursday | March 24, 2016 | 12:06 PM
Some of the weapons taken from students during the series of raids at a prominent Portland high school yesterday.

The Portland Police are urging parents to be especially careful in monitoring their children's Internet usage amid revelation that two students held with imitation firearms yesterday, said they learned on YouTube how to make them.

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Richard Hylton, although children are entitled to privacy, parents should also search their bags before they leave for school and upon their return.

Hylton has also issued a stern warning to commuters to desist from travelling with offensive weapons.

Yesterday the Portland police also seized several other offensive weapons during a series of raids at a prominent high school as the cops stepped up efforts to reduce crime across the parish.

The police say dozens of knives, scissors, ice picks, toy guns, sharpened tooth brushes and combs, and razor blades, were found.

Hylton says the seizure is the result of an operation called 'tidal wave'.

The initiative, which was started in November 2015 is aimed at recovering weapons from students and commuters.