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Mother, son donate wheelchairs

Published:Saturday | March 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM
PHOTO BY CARL GILCHRIST From left: Larkley Williams, (Rotary president), Lloyd Jemison, Lisa Marsh, Jodi-Ann Pryce, James Henry and Pastor Wesley Boynes pose infront of the wheelchair donated by the Sterling family.


It was a sad occasion, recently, when Evelyn Sterling lost her husband, after he had been ailing for some time, leaving her and son Fitz, to mourn.

Last week Thursday, however, both Sterlings found the strength to rise above the sadness that prevails in the family to make a contribution that immediately made someone happy.

They donated two wheelchairs and a walker to the Rotary Club of Ocho Rios, at their weekly meeting at the Hibiscus Lodge hotel in Ocho Rios.

One of the wheelchairs was immediately donated to a needy person, a move which pleased the family.

The meeting actually had representatives from the National Housing Trust (NHT) Damion McNally, Kimone Smith and Rohan Campbell addressing the attendees, outlining benefits and other factors associated with the Trust.

After this, the Sterlings, who visited the meeting just to donate the items, handed them over to club president Larkley Williams.

"It was my husband's but he passed away," Mrs Sterling pointed out, adding: "I have other stuff, like walking aids that I could donate." These items, she said, are in England where the family resides.


Fitz said he was pleased that someone would benefit immediately from the donation.

"So instead of gathering dust, it's gonna be of benefit to someone and that we're really pleased about. That's the most important thing," Fitz told The Gleaner.

Lloyd Jemison, received one of the wheelchairs from the club, on behalf of one of his relatives. He said he was happy for the gift and expressed gratitude on their behalf.

Earl Watson, a member of the club and a neighbour to the Sterlings at their local residence, was the one who made the donation possible.

According to Watson: "When I heard of the unfortunate situation (of her husband's passing) somebody who knows the family and who works with me sometimes, said to me, 'Earl you're a Rotarian, Mrs Sterling's husband has just passed and I believe she has wheelchairs in her possession that she might be able to donate to the club.' "

"A couple of days later, I touched base with her and she said to me, Mr Watson, it's a pleasure giving them to you."

Watson subsequently invited her and her son to the club meeting to hand over the items.

"We really appreciate it," Watson added. "We have persons just waiting there to receive them and it's nice that the representative of the recipient (Lloyd Jemison) is here this evening to receive them so that they can be used immediately."