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Sandy Bay toll road death trap

Published:Tuesday | March 29, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston
William ‘Billy’ Shagoury

SANDY BAY, Clarendon:

Custos of Clarendon William 'Billy' Shagoury has expressed concern about the abandoned toll road exit in the Nineteen Miles area of Sandy Bay, Clarendon.

"The situation is a problem and if it is not addressed, one of these days someone will pay with their life," he said.

The area in question is an awkward curve in the road protected by barriers as well as several large plastic containers.

The road was transformed to accommodate the toll exit. With that exit closed, the barriers were erected.

"I have written to the Ministry of Transport and Works, I have sent letters to the Clarendon Parish Council, I have been expressing my concern all over," he said, adding that the only thing that was done is that the large plastic containers were placed there.

According to Shagoury, he became aware of the danger when one of his justices of the peace was run off the road by a motorist who used it to his own advantage.

The custos pointed out that it is not a difficult task to fix the problem.

"They need to remove all the barriers, straighten the road and revert it to its original state," he suggested.