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Motorbikes, bicycles causing problem at TAJ Cross Roads

Published:Thursday | March 31, 2016 | 12:00 AM
A number of motorbikes parked in front of the TAJ office in Cross Roads. Branch administrators say the vehicles block the wheelchair ramp and can cause difficulties for pedestrians as well.

Assistant general manager in charge of the Cross Roads branch of Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) Orville Chamber is pleading with motorcyclists and pedal cyclists not to block the entrance to the building.

Chambers noted that the area used by drivers and riders to park their two-wheel transport is creating a problem as it blocks access to the wheelchair ramp outside the building. It also forces pedestrians to walk further out on to the sidewalk than necessary.

"This (the sidewalk) is really a no-parking area ... and we have made it known to the motorcyclists," said Chambers. He said National Outdoor Advertising should be putting up a 'No Parking' sign, but until then, the TAJ is communicating with the offending parties. Chambers said most of the motorcyclists are bearers and the TAJ welcomes the business they bring.


common principle

"They do a lot of transactions, so they are very important," he said. "This office is known to have a day for bearers, where we call them in and have a bit of refreshment for them. They allow our bottom line to look good." The motorcyclists say they fear the theft of their vehicles if they park them further from the building, noting that they do not get comprehensive insurance. Pedal cyclists are equally fearful as their modes of transport are even easier to steal and are not insured. By parking in front of the offices, they argue, they can keep an eye on the bikes and cycles from inside. Chambers said he was sympathetic to their concerns but warned that the TAJ may have to call in the police if the hindrance continues.

"All I am saying to them (motorcyclists and pedal cyclists) is, if you are going to utilise here, allow this area to be free," he said. "But enforcing it is turning out to be a difficult task, and I am saying I don't want them to park at their peril. So we try to admonish and to encourage them to just adhere to what is deemed to be common principle."