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Chevauni Blair – broadcasting is his ministry

Published:Saturday | April 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM
For Blair, playing music and communicating with his listeners stretch far beyond making a monthly income.000000
Blair: becoming a gospel media personality has greatly impacted my relationship with God.

Chevauni Blair is an announcer at a gospel radio station. Like many radio personalities, he goes in for his daily shift, packs up and goes home when he gets off air.

But for the Kingstonian, playing music and communicating with his listeners stretch far beyond making a monthly income.

"This is certainly not just a job for me. If so, I'd be gone long ago. Some days are really rough; being in broadcast media is a very difficult job because as personalities we have to "try" to please as many people as possible.

"I can't sing - my friends will tell you that much! I can't preach nor can I do all the other things that the others are doing and I'm fine with that. God gave me this "job" as a ministry. We all can't be preachers and singers within the four walls, we ought to go on the high ways and byways and that's my job as a personality, to touch people's lives, give them the assurance not to give up! Hold on, joy and peace is around the corner," he said.

Blair, who has been on air for almost three years, told Family and Religion that becoming a gospel media personality has greatly impacted his relationship with God especially when he considers the souls he has been reaching on a daily basis.

"It has impacted my relationship with God in a very positive way. When I select a particular song to be played and someone calls crying saying they needed this assurance, they needed this message, this reminder, this thought it, sometimes makes me sit in the studio saying, 'My God look at that!' " he shared.

The member of the Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre in Kingston reminisced on a specific occasion where a call from a listener deeply touched him.

"A gentleman called me from prison to say how much he's being blessed. He told me how he got into trouble and that he doesn't know what to do but by listening to me he was given hope and added faith. Moments like these truly affect my relationship with God. They cause me to soar higher and make me want to stay in His presence even more. He's doing this thing through me - I'm humbled," he said adding that the bond and connection he has with his listeners means a lot to him.

In fact, the Christian of 10 years mentioned that they (his listeners) are his main source of inspiration.

"We inspire each other. They are the ones that keep me going; they make the job so easy. When they call to encourage me or pray for me - it does so much! I do have bad days of which they aren't made aware but I have to be encouraging them, pushing them and when one calls to brighten my day, it really means a lot and does so much for me," Blair said.