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Church attendance is necessary! Evangelist says Christians need a ‘refuel’ station

Published:Saturday | April 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM

"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching." Hebrews 10 vs 25

Accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour usually follows with finding a church to fellowship.

For some, however, they don't see the need to be penned in by a building, week after week. The reasoning is that they can do all that is done there in the comfort of their homes or any place they choose. The important thing for these persons is serving Christ and living for Him.

The big question then is whether church fellowship is really necessary. Is it possible to live a victorious life in Christ without that kind of fellowship?

Family and Religion sought answers from Evangelist Aleacha Sweeting of the Born Again Deliverance Ministries in Nassau, Bahamas. While admitting that it is not a requirement, she noted that it is best to fellowship.

For her, fellowshipping is more than showing that you are saved. It is more of a 'refuelling' station for Christians.

Sweeting said that a child of God needs "refuelling just like a car needs fuel after driving all week, or a phone needs charging in order to continue to use it".

"As a child of God, going to church should not be an option. It should be that place where you are charged up or refueled and ready to go back out there to win souls for the Kingdom. The encounter you should have from going to church should be a part of your daily life," she said.

Church is also a place where people with similar interests gather, just like any other social gathering. As she points out, "It's a place you go to meet persons like-minded with the same passion to enhance spiritual growth. If you like to dance or party, you go to a disco," she said, adding that church also serves as a place of comfort and encouragement.

According to Sweeting, people go to the restaurant to be fed. In a similar vein, they go to church to be fed the Word of the Lord.

"So while it's not a demand, it is good sense or good practice to go there to enhance your spirituality," she said.


Sweeting listed several reasons, according to the Bible, why Christians are encouraged to fellowship. Among them is communion with God and man, as well as fellowshipping with God and encouraging each other.

While there is nothing wrong with staying home and praising God, there are advantages for the believer to find a Bible-practising church to fellowship.

As Sweeting points out, "It's a place of growth where you go to be strengthened by the Word. Church helps to bring us to a place of maturity and perfection. It helps us to be formed into better persons."

Fellowship is also beneficial for those who have not yet accepted Christ. According to her, it provides them with an atmosphere that is conducive to conversion because it positions them in a place where they will hear a word that can provoke change for a better life and they will feel it and recognise some form of change.

Wanting to fellowship should be a natural inclination for persons who acknowledge God as the Heavenly Father.

"The house of God is the house of my father, and if I refuse to go to His House, I must then question if I really do have that relationship as I say we do. You don't have to do anything in life you don't want to do, but not doing it doesn't make it right. So I submit to you, saved or unsaved, find a good Bible-based church and be a part of it. Don't just go there, but be a part of what is going on. I promise that it will make a difference in who you are."

Sweeting said that there was if ever a time Christians needed to join forces by fellowshipping, it is now. She believes that the chaotic issues and turmoils of life create the need for positive and inspiring words with good fellowship.