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Easter's gone! But let us continue to celebrate

Published:Saturday | April 2, 2016 | 12:00 AMEmmett Weir

ur paschal Lamb Christ, has been sacrificed, therefore, let us celebrate.

Excerpts from 1 Corinthians 5:7-8 NRSV.

Well, another Easter has come and gone! Yes, after the joyous celebrations of this Holy Season - the large congregations which have attended its services (many worshippers 'showing up' for the first time in months!), feasting on those Easter delicacies such as 'hot cross buns' and 'bun and cheese', after the 'Easter egg hunts' of the children have been forgotten- 'things are getting back to normal!'

Or are they? Surely the celebration of Easter should be more than a joyful time of celebration and spiritual upliftment which satisfies one's physical appetite and nourishes one's spiritual endeavour for a time being, but has no lasting value. Concisely, it should not be business as usual... after Easter! Not if we really understand and appropriate its deep spiritual meaning!


What difference then, the celebration of Easter makes in our lives? What lasting spiritual effect should it exert upon us?

Well, in answering these questions, we should always bear in mind that the correct doctrinal, theological, and liturgical expression for this Holy season is 'the feast of the resurrection'. For, it speaks to us and boldly proclaims that Jesus in his glorious resurrection conquered once and for all, the twin enemies of humankind's spiritual advance - sin and death! (Romans 6:23)

You see, as the direct result of the disobedience of our primeval parents - Adam & Eve, who deliberately disobeyed the command of God in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3), we all became subject to the temptations of 'the world, the flesh and devil' and the fear of death. Christ, the second Adam, however, by his impeccable life, culminating in his sacrificial death at Calvary and his glorious resurrection defeated both sin and death. The message of the resurrection, then is that those who believe in Him, do also share in His victory over these evil forces (1 Corinthians 15:22-57). Therefore, we can go forward, 'walking in victory' as Bishop Neil Ellis constantly reminds us! HALLELUJAH!

Yes, Easter means that we need not be held back by condemnation or sin or paralysed by the fear of death. Instead, we can march forward 'bristling with life'.

This, indeed is the glorious, encouraging, invigorating theme of the meditation on the above-captioned text in 'Christ in our home', a most inspiring and meaningful spiritual resource supplied by the evangelical Lutheran Church in America. So, let me share it with you!

"You are not bound by the past, stuck in patterns that hold you in the mire of soulless living. Resurrection power lives in your soul, bristling with life! Christ stirs within, drawing you toward what you will yet to be. You are more, always more than you think."

Never forget! We are people of the resurrection, souls in whom the light casts out night. Joy and hope drive despair from our hearts? Risen love speaks peace to fear and ignites passion to be the love He is. Christ has broken death's grip. He lives in the processes of history, the fibre of life, and the inner movements of our hearts.

You bear the life who is life, the love who is love. So lift yourself above the passion to pay evil for evil, beyond surrender to petty urges and grudges, and away from the anxious need to prove you are important. For you are! You are vessels of Christ, with the power to bless and lift others up to the fullness of their identity as beloved children of God. The festival of life has come. Rejoice! All things are new, including you!

Yes, the celebration of Easter has come: but it has not gone for all who know its true meaning it continues forever. So, let us continue to celebrate!

Prayer stirs the energy of the celebration of your resurrection within me, O Christ, so that I may live 'bristling with life' in your service. Amen