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Mighty Healer is God, Denise Scarlett testifies

Published:Saturday | April 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Amoy Fisher
Denise Scarlett and daughter, Amoy.

Along with the many worthy titles that people have given to God, Denise Scarlett would like to add Mighty Healer.

It all started in January of last year when her 18-year-old daughter, Amoy Fisher, began experiencing difficulty swallowing.

"I thought it was just a sore throat. We started using home remedies, but the problem persisted. One day, I heard her crying out in the house that she couldn't breathe properly and that her heart was racing, so I rushed her from Portmore to Kingston Public Hospital," she said, pointing out that this started a series of hospital visits and check-ups.

Scarlett told Family & Religion that her daughter was made to do a minor surgery as it was said by doctors that there was something on her tonsils. Even after the surgery, however, the problem remained.

"It even escalated to other complications. They sent her to do two blood tests, which came back negative. They then gave her nine more to do. They said she had recurrent tonsillitis and scheduled a surgery, but cancelled it.

"She developed peptic ulcer disease and was placed on antacid and proton pump inhibitors, then she had recurrent aphthous, which are basically ulcers of the mouth, and those pointed to an autoimmune disease. (Doctors) said it might be lupus," Scarlett revealed.

Coupled with the difficulty of breathing was her daughter's slight vision impairment. Scarlett says that she was taken to several medical clinics to see both public and private specialists, but things were not looking up for Amoy.

"She developed anaemia and normally would pass out at various points. She was absent more than she was present at school as she had visit upon visit at the emergency room. One doctor told her to go and do a pregnancy test as she was showing signs of pregnancy (swollen breasts and belly). She told the doctor that she was a virgin, but the doctor persisted," Scarlett disclosed.


After all the possible tests and examinations were exhausted, she was told to avoid being excessively stressed and given oral contraceptives to treat the dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation)," she said.

Endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibrocystic breast disease, HIV, bleeding disorders were just a few illnesses that Amoy was tested for in a one-year period.

"They did an ANA (anti nuclear antibody) test twice, and they were both negative. I was in the USA at the time, and after the last doctor was convinced that my daughter was pregnant, though she told them she was a virgin, I said no more! I went on my belly in prayer.

"I came back to Jamaica in December and I called the president of the Anointed by Christ Ministry, Linton Smith. He set up a prayer meeting at my house and he and the counsellor of the group came one Saturday in January," she said.

Scarlett testified that since they prayed and sought the Lord concerning Amoy's complications, she has not been back to the hospital or seen a doctor.

According to her, she is no longer spending the usual $20,000 per month on medication, nor is she doing the regular and recommended tests.

"We even diagnose her ourselves as having gluten allergies and now she can eat whatever she wants. She's going to school on a regular basis, and is even temporarily employed. I can't even tell you how great God is! I trusted Him and went out in faith that He would heal her. God still works miracles!" Scarlett said.