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LASCO Top Cop To Focus On Youth Development

Published:Monday | April 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Corporal Kimaryo Pinnock (left), Lasco Police Officer of the Year being congratulated by Commissioner of police Dr Carl Williams at the awards ceremony held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel recently.

Projects geared toward youth development will be the main focus of the new LASCO Police Officer of the Year for 2016-2017, Corporal Kimaryo Pinnock.

Pinnock, who was selected from 12 other colleagues, walked away with the award at a ceremony held at The Pegasus Hotel, recently.

His first project will be centred around values and attitudes, while the second, an interactive website, plans to target "youth on the corner.

"They are geared toward the holistic development of youth in my community in St Thomas, and Jamaica in general," Corporal Pinnock tells JIS News.

The corporal, who holds a Master of Science degree in workforce training and education and a Bachelor of Education in technical vocational education and training from the University of Technology, said he is passionate about education and training. He describes them as the most important conduits in upward mobility to achieve optimal productivity.

He plans to assist in the process of ridding the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) of corruption and change the negative perception that some persons may have. Pinnock believes that engaging police officers in a robust education campaign on the disadvantages of corrupt practices is necessary.

Following his acceptance of the award, the LASCO top cop lauded the company's 16-year commitment to the development of the JCF and the nation at large.

He also thanked LASCO founder and Executive Chairman Lascelles Chin for his continued partnership with the JCF through the programme.


Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams has urged Pinnock to walk proudly with the banner of the JCF aloft. He pointed out that the other 11 men are among the finest in the force and are no different from the other members.

For his part, Chin has lauded the bravery and courage of rank and file and senior members of the force.

He encouraged Pinnock to wear the LASCO badge of honour with dignity and "never by your action or lack of action, bring shame to it or the JCF".

The LASCO-JCF Police Officer of the Year programme continues to motivate and publicly acknowledge members of the force who demonstrate outstanding professionalism and dedication.