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Facing hard times, I'm thinking of selling my body

Published:Tuesday | April 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Q: I am a single mother who needs more money. My 18-year-old son is about to enter university. However, his father says he is an adult and should go and look for work.

My son did well in his examinations and this is an opportunity for him to come out of poverty. The father of my daughter, who is in prep school, is a 'dead beat' and not helping at all. My salary cannot cope with paying rent, light bill, school fee and bus fare. I am two months in arrears on my hire-purchase furniture. I am tempted to gamble and see if I win some money. A co-worker told me about some quick-loan system but I am not sure about it.

In addition, the boss wants my body. In fact, he says if I give him sex I do not have to repay any money. I despise my boss but these are desperate times. I owe three months' rent and the landlord has given me notice. I will soon need one month's rent and deposit. I cannot get any more salary advance from work. What am I to do?

A: You need either to increase your income through earnings or loans, or cut your expenditure. Some of these quick-loan set-ups might put you deeper in debt. Perhaps even a traditional financial institution might not be able to help the situation. However, it is worth your while to visit one and explain your situation and seek advice.

Gambling is a big risk and the odds are against you winning. Gambling might sink you deeper into debt. Selling your body to someone you despise is not a good idea. You will regret it. It can lead to tension, animosity at the workplace and even loss of job when future demands are made. You need to respect your self and body and refuse your boss' offer. His offer might be sexual harassment!

You could ask a relative to help you with a soft loan for a period of time. This might be the quickest way to increase your income. You should also take the father of the younger child to family court to get maintenance money.

In addition, you need to cut your expenses by moving your daughter to a government-aided primary school which is inexpensive. Your older son should apply for help from the university and other available scholarships and bursaries. In addition, he should seek part-time employment.