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Footprints: Michael Richardo Sutherland - Last post for the ‘Major’

Published:Tuesday | April 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Michael Richardo Sutherland

The Green Island Seventh-day Adventist Church could not hold the numbers who turned out to bid farewell to Michael Richardo Sutherland, popularly known as 'Major'.

Sutherland, also affectionately called 'Mikey' or 'Chin' was born on July 6, 1961.

He was born and raised in the seaside Hanover town where he spent his childhood making cotton reel trucks and kites.

Major travelled with his mother much during his young years, growing up in St Andrew, and even attending primary school for a short time in St Catherine.

Even while at Green Island Secondary (now High) he started working with a senior electrician, and before long, mastered the skill, doing little jobs for himself. His mother, Hazel Grey, was a seamstress and those genes passed to him as well.

In time, he became an accomplished tailor, known for preparing full khaki suits for relatives and customers when it was back-to-school time.

As a father, Sutherland was a disciplinarian.

Getting up late for school was a no-no, and his children had to keep their property neat and clean. Sutherland loved them dearly, and tried every thing to sustain them financially.

Even when funds became tight, he ensured they received a good education. He also tried to be a part of all his family's achievements and gave encouragement when things were not going well.

In Green Island, Sutherland was a mentor and big brother to numerous young men who looked up to him.

He loved to listen to music, which he would do by his snack shop, which was also a haven for domino players in the town. A sports fan, Sutherland was also very interested in martial arts, and would always show his moves. Always one who maintained good health, in 2012, Sutherland's body started failing. He was later diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, a form of cancer. But true to his nickname, Major faced the arduous chemotherapy with grit and determination. He however lost the battle against the dreaded disease on January 7 and was laid to rest on February 7.

He leaves behind spouse Deanna, three children Shaine, Candice and Capria, as well as five brothers and three sisters.