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Gregory Thompson: From soccer to music

Published:Thursday | April 7, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanna Monteith

Life is a package stacked with opportunities and decisions and sometimes opening one door to a certain possibility automatically blocks the entrance to another.

Gregory Thompson grew up in Duhaney Pen, St Thomas and migrated to the United States of America when he was 16 years old.

While in high school there, Thompson's talent in soccer led him to attend Monroe College in New Rochelle, New York on scholarship where he played for the institution's team.

Though the college was not offering him the chance to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a mechanical engineer, Thompson says it was an opportunity he could not refuse.

But then came the realisation that in addition to not pursuing his dream job, the 21-year-old was also being denied of another of his passion, music.

"It was difficult for me to balance everything; academics, sports and the music so to create more time for what I believe will be more beneficial to me, I had to drop something. I dropped soccer and focused more on school and song writing," he said, adding that by doing so he lost his scholarship.

Thompson told Rural Xpress that he has been interested in music for as far back as he can remember.

"I was always an entertainer. I knew how to catch people's attention. I remember at a young age my cousin would play rhythms and be like 'Chunky (as Thompson is called) sing a song nuh? Mek we hear something new'.

While in Jamaica, I used to write a few songs for people but when I got here, I met someone who was involved in the business and helped me to jump start recording songs. We collaborated on a song," he said.

Thompson admitted that he hopes his music will earn him the money he needs to pursue a degree in engineering.

"The feedback that I have been getting so far here is great. When we are in the clubs and my songs are played, we get special 'big ups' from the DJs and the patrons request a lot of 'money pull up'. I have also been getting good coverage where airplay is concerned.