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Attractive salaries forcing local teachers to abandon students and migrate - JTA General Secretary

Published:Friday | April 8, 2016 | 10:17 AM

General Secretary of the Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA), Byron Farquharson, is calling on the government to put measures in place to ensure that schools are not adversely affected by the migration of teachers.

Farquharson says local teachers are being offered between J$4 and J$8 million a year by recruiters who come mainly from the US and the United Kingdom. 

He says recruiters often set up interviews on the island and complete the process within days, offering the teachers almost immediate departure to jobs overseas.

He says this has been impacting students negatively as they are sometimes abandoned near to critical examinations.

Farquharson says in one case, a school lost its entire science department in one term.

He also believes that if the government cannot match the salaries offered by international recruiters, it should at least offer more benefits and improve classroom conditions.

The JTA says it supports the migration of teachers.

Farquharson says teachers are likely to return and contribute to Jamaica's education system after they have achieved financial stability.