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Holness shares priorities for first 100 days in office with British media

Published:Friday | April 8, 2016 | 12:40 PM
Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that restructuring the country’s bureaucratic system to enable efficient and quick decision-making is among the Government’s priorities for its first 100 days in office.

The BBC conducted an in interview with Holness at the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday.

No date has been announced for the airing of the full interview.

However, the Jamaica Information Service says Holness told the BBC that reform of the country’s bureaucratic system will send a good signal to local and international investors.

He said the Government is also keen to fulfill commitments made.

He explained keeping to the commitments is important in promoting confidence in the economy and in the country’s political system.

He highlighted the Government’s focus on economic growth and job creation, noting that achieving economic independence is the real expression of independence of a people.

He said the Government will focus on reducing debt, increasing markets for Jamaica, as well as leveraging the country’s historical assets, geographical location and brand, to achieve economic growth.