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‘The Hour of his judgment has come’- Evangelist Nardo Nish warns and comforts

Published:Saturday | April 9, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Evangelist Nardo Nish.
Evangelist Nardo Nish

Windsor Forest, Manchester:

It is declared in Holy Scripture that the message of salvation and the good news of Jesus Christ must be taken to the four corners of the earth that all may know Him.

With the knowledge that the Lord can put in an appearance at any time, the Campbell's Castle Seventh-day Adventist Church, much like many other churches and religious bodies, has been putting in the work to reap souls for the Kingdom.

In the community of Windsor Forest, the youth department of the church led a series of street meetings recently. Family and Religion stopped by to hear the sermon, 'The judgment has come', by Evangelist Nardo Nish.

"Sometimes in our lives, when we hear about judgment, we may fear the word, but the Bible says all good deeds must be brought to judgment and all bad deeds - whether our lives are good or bad - God is going to judge every man," Nish declared.

"Brothers and sisters, the Bible says that before Jesus returns, it would have already been decided who will be saved and who will be lost because He is the judge. In reality, times come when we must open our eyes and realise the times we are living in. We are the ones who decide which group we want to be in - whether you are a Christian or not, a backslider or not, whether you have not yet accepted Jesus. We are the ones who decide whether we fall into the group of darkness or the group of light."


Delivering a sermon with a message for both the saved and the unsaved, the young evangelist from the neighbouring Victoria Town Seventh-day Adventist Church advised that while some may think of the word of God as fallacy, it must be regarded and adhered to.

"God is not forcing anybody to serve Him. The Bible tells us that Jesus is now the High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary, where He is interceding on behalf of us before God. He's pleading the case for us. Man may say the word of God is not true, but I stand here to say the word of God stands forevermore. It is the only object with prayer and communion through the Holy Spirit that God communes with His people.

"Sometimes we fall into sin and it is so sweet to us. We hold on to some and let go of some, but that is why God cannot bless us and use us. God says, 'I am the light of the world and he that walk in me shall not walk in darkness'

"While many state their reason for delaying an acceptance of the gospel as the process by which they must change their ways completely, Nish renounced the possibility of earthly perfection.

"No person in the church is perfect - only King Jesus. The Bible says when you have sinned, confess your sins, not to man, but before Jesus, the advocate. When you are committed to Him, He will fix you up. Don't watch what people say about you, as long as you know you are on your way to eternity."

He added, "When the devil says no, King Jesus says yes. You may be battered and bruised, but get up and brush off for we know who we serve; we know who and what we stand for - not a wishy washy God but a mighty mountain mover, a God, of the valley, who is not slack concerning His promises. As Christians, we need to have strong backbone because when you stand for God, He will stand for you."

He continued: "The plan of Jesus is not to see any man go down in the gutter of sin, but to be saved. Look at Paul, who was Saul, who was a murderer and persecuted the church, who killed church members and tore it apart. But God met him on the Damascus road and turned his life around. What we need to do is pray for them that their hearts are convicted."

Nish preached that while the time has been given to make this right, it must be used wisely as one day, the window of hope will be no more.

"We are in the judgment hour and soon and very soon He is going to put on the robe of priesthood and put in His appearance. I may go down in a grave, but when King Jesus calls my name, no grave can hold my body down - but only if we are faithful to Him. It's no time to play church, no time to be hypocritical because God knows all; He knows who is pretending."

He ended, "One day grace's door will be closed and he that is filthy will remain filthy still and he that is righteous will remain righteous still".