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Attorney chides investigators in case of murder, attempted suicide

Published:Tuesday | April 12, 2016 | 12:51 PM

 Livern Barrett, Senior Gleaner Writer

The attorney for the police constable who is on trial for allegedly killing his former girlfriend at the Errol Flynn Marina in Portland this morning sought to highlight deficiencies in the prosecution's case.

Constable Lincoln McKoy is accused of shooting Jessica King to death on the evening of August 14, 2013 before attempting to take his own life.

He was however taken to hospital where he spent days before he recovered.

In his closing argument to the seven-member jury at the Home Circuit Court in Kingston, McKoy's attorney Carlton Collman pointed out that investigators conducted no identification parade and that no witness has testified to seeing the policemen shoot King.

In addition, Collman pointed out that investigators swabbed King's hands, but never swabbed the hands of the Constable.

He told the jurors that if prosecutors were coming to say that McKoy fired a gun that day "the first person's hand you would swab is the accused."

"Because residue would have been left on his hand and clothing. We didn't have the benefit of that," Collman said.

He chided investigators, saying no one stopped to determine whether someone else killed King. "The first thing everybody assume was that a him do it," the attorney said.

"They went to the marina and was subject to an attack. The prosecution took the easy way out," Collman said.

"Luckily he is here. He could have passed on like his girlfriend," he added.