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Hello Mi Neighbour: Money is the root of all evil

Published:Wednesday | April 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Hello mi neighbour! Money should never be the object of our love. Love and money should never mix - it's a very deadly combination. 'While money makes the mare run': a critical resource for human existence, the love of it 'is the root of all evil'. Love ought to be the mainstay of our relationship with the Creator and His creatures, of which humanity is the crÈme de la crÈme. To love money, therefore, is to abuse both love and money. Think about it. But I am not here to talk about love, but to draw our attention to the danger of loving money instead of people.

By reflecting on what people do to one another just to acquire money, we can't help but agree with the Master's statement: the love of money is the root of all evil. Agreeably, many will argue that it's not the money which people really love, it is its purchasing power! Brilliant! And what of the millions whose desire for money is an end in itself? Money hoarding makes them feel powerful. This love of money causes many of them to become so cold-hearted and morally blind (they say 'love is blind') that they will snuff out the life of even an innocent child to acquire it. This love relieves them of the ability to see that a life is far more valuable than all the monetary wealth of the world.

There is the popular belief that in order to grow one's spending power there must be a strong passion for money: if you don't love it enough it will not be attracted to you. This mutual attraction will ensure that one does whatever it takes to secure financial wealth. So empowered, they will cheat, lie, steal, rob, undermine, corrupt, undercut without any qualms as long as their objective is being met!

Stop and think of the millions of neighbours around the world who are suffering today because of ill-treatment and mistreatment in the name of money. Many of them are weeping and grieving the loss of loved ones and properties. And I could go on and on with a litany of atrocities in the name of money gathering.

The old adage 'working for an honest bread' is just what it is in many quarters - and old adage. While many no longer subscribe to this adage, in time they will come to recognise that that was the best policy to live by. But even better than that is the policy of loving neighbour as self. It's a divine command!

When we begin to love our neighbours as ourselves, what is the likely outcome where money is concerned? Instead of using the whole gamut of sinister means to take money out of people's pockets, we'll do whatever we can to keep it there or even help to put some there. So then, what's the conclusion? Since all of us need money to live from day to day, therefore, we should work together to increase the income of one another. As we think on these things, let's join AJ Brown on the chorus: Love people, more than people.


Thanks to those



who gave:


1. Shane, St Andrew, for offering clothing and shoes for a family.

2. Dawn, St Thomas, for offering shoes and clothing to neighbours.

3. Flo, St Andrew, for

offering a sewing machine to a neighbour.

4. Neighbour, for offering a mattress to a neighbour.


Opportunities to help


1. Alecia, St Thomas, asking for a stroller - cannot afford to purchase.

2. Christine, asking neighbours for a sewing machine to help make a living.

3. Ina, asking for a wheelchair for mother who cannot walk; also needs a cane.

4. Gloria, caring for eight-year-old boy whose mother has died, needs clothing and shoes, etc, for him.

4. Shernette, asking for

assistance to save daughter's eyes. Cost is approximately

$1.5 million.

5. Neighbour, got burnt out - asking for queen-size sheets and window curtains,

6. Latoya, Clarendon, single parent - asking for a television and a dresser.

n To help, please call 334-8165, 884-3866 or deposit to acct # 351 044 276NCB. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX) or send donations

to Hello Neighbour c/o

53 Half-Way-Tree Road, Kingston 10; email