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$1.2b irrigation system

Published:Saturday | April 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM

$1.2b irrigation system

The Government will, this year, commence the construction of a new irrigation system in Essex Valley, St Elizabeth, at a cost of approximately J$1.2 billion.

This was announced by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen during Thursday's ceremonial opening of Parliament at Gordon House, for the 2016-17 legislative year.

Delivering the Throne Speech, under the theme 'Building a Partnership for Prosperity', the governor general said the Government would be expanding the Hounslow irrigation system, also situated in St Elizabeth.

In underscoring the importance of these engagements, he said that severe drought impacting Jamaica in recent years "demands that we place greater emphasis on irrigation expansion".

Sir Patrick said the Hounslow packing house and pepper mash processing plant will be expanded, while the community's farm roads would be repaired.

He said this facility, coupled with the New Forest/Duff House Agro Park, and the irrigation systems at Hounslow and Pedro Plains, will transform South St Elizabeth into "one huge agro-economic zone".

The governor general said the Government also planned to transform the Agro Park concept into one of an agro-economic zone.