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'The key to longevity is to plant food properly'

Published:Saturday | April 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM
PHOTO BY ORANTES MOORE American Seventh-day Adventist soil nutritionist Lynn Hoag.


A United States-based soil nutritionist who travelled to Jamaica last month to speak at a religious conference in Robin's Bay, St Mary, has claimed that the prevalence of serious medical conditions such as cancer and diabetes can be reduced, simply by improving the way food is planted, grown, and processed.

Speaking on the second day of an agriculture and entrepreneurship seminar hosted by the North East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, gardening and health foods guru Lynn Hoag urged Jamaican farmers to research the link between healthy soil and nutritious food.

He told Family and Religion: "I've come here today to teach people how to grow nutrient-dense foods, which heal and are far more beneficial than even the most expensive organic food you can buy in a grocery store.

"If we can benefit people by growing food this way, obviously, that's what God would have us to do. We can absolutely heal - using food - serious diseases such as stage four cancers, heart trouble, arthritis, and diabetes. Eating the wrong foods is also a big part of the problem too.

"It's the same in agriculture, where there are all kinds of diseases. We can eliminate those too. In Old Testament times, God wanted the children of Israel to teach the rest of the world how to grow fruits and vegetables without disease. Today, God wants us to do the same thing, and we can do it."

The charismatic retiree also claimed that ocean water is an excellent source of nutrient, which he'd used frequently to cultivate better crops. Hoag explained: "The ocean is one of the greatest resources we have on Earth. We actually use ocean water as part of the healing process for people, and the soil.

"We can't drink ocean water directly because it's toxic, but we can put it into the plants, which take those nutrients upon a chemical crystalline form and, in the leaves, combines with carbon dioxide from the air.

"Now it becomes an organic food, absolutely healthy for you, and contains all of the 92 different minerals that are in a perfect balance in every ocean."


To avoid Jamaica being devastated by the increasing number of lifestyle diseases that plague the Western World, Hoag urged local farmers to consider developing new methods of cultivation.

He said: "I think this is a really important issue because everybody is affected by disease, irrespective of where you are. If you talk to 50 people, about half of them will have serious diseases of some type or other, and they are unnecessary.

"None of us is going to live for ever; not in this world, but there's no reason why we have to have the diseases that we do. It's possible to eliminate almost all of these lifestyle diseases, which come from the way we live and eat, process, and grow food.

"In order to eat more healthily, we have to farm more healthily, and that goes back to complete nutrition, including the micronutrients that we do not get even in the most expensive organic food."