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JDF concerned following explosives, weapon find in Trench Town

Published:Friday | April 22, 2016 | 3:17 PM
The 18' tube of C-4 explosive and home-made shot gun found in Trench Town - JDF Photo

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) is raising serious concern about the discovery of explosives in Trench Town, Kingston.

The explosive, called C-4, was found along with one home-made shotgun yesterday.

"The JDF is concerned about the discovery of C4 because of its sheer destructive power," said a JDF spokesperson in a statement issued to the media.

A joint police-military team reportedly found the weapon and explosives in the ceiling of a house on Lower Second Street during a cordon and search operation.

The joint military-police team also found live twelve gauge cartridges and detained several men in connection with the find.

About C-4
*C-4, or composition 4, is one variety of plastic explosive.
*When used with a detonator the explosion applies a powerful shock that triggers the C-4 explosive material.
*When the chemical reaction begins, the C-4 decomposes to release a variety of gases (notably, nitrogen and carbon oxides).
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