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Several Portland communities flooded, schools closed

Published:Friday | April 22, 2016 | 1:29 PM
A section of the house belonging to Maxine Brown, a resident of Fellowship, who was stranded for hours as because of rising waters.
A look at a section of the flooded roadway at Fellowship in East Portland.

The National Works Agency (NWA) says it is closely monitoring conditions in Portland following flooding caused by heavy rains, also forcing the closure of some schools.

The schools are Titchfield and Port Antonio high, Port Antonio Primary, Hill Preparatory, Boundbrook Primary, Drapers All-Age, and Fellowship Primary and Junior High.

The NWA's Communications Manager, Stephen Shaw, says work crews are on standby.

According to Shaw, sections of the capital Port Antonio are among the areas now under water.

He says gullies and drains are blocked and a section of the main road in the town is impassable due to flooding.

Shaw also says there has been flooding on the main road at Seaman Valley in the Rio Grande Valley after a river overflowed its banks


NWA Communications Manager, Stephen Shaw

The NWA's communication manager says once the flood waters recede, the affected areas will be assessed and a plan of action activated.

One resident of Fellowship, Maxine Brown, was trapped in her house for several hours, after rising water inundated her property.

Brown said she is now fearful the situation could worsen.

"All my furniture and electrical appliance including sofa, beds, television sets, refrigerator, DVD player, stereo, and clothes iron were damaged.  Should this continue for the next day or so, wi mus' dead," she added.