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NCU President Calls for Men of Valour

Published:Saturday | April 23, 2016 | 8:57 AMTamara Bailey

Mandeville, Manchester:

In a world where morals and values have fallen and individuals are confronted with negative influences, president of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Dr Trevor Gardner is calling for positive transformations and the renewal of minds through Jesus Christ.

"Today, this nation needs men and women who put their trust in God first and foremost. God has great expectations of us. We must serve Him beyond expectations of conventional practices. We must serve Him with spiritual intent."

Making a declaration to members of the security forces last Saturday during a special thanksgiving service at the Northern Caribbean University Church, Gardner based his sermon on the tenets of valour, conformity, transformation and commitment.

"Each one of us has an appointment with heaven and eternity, and it goes beyond any service we render," he established.


Gardner advised that, similar to the days of old, victory in all aspects of life can only be had through total dependence on God.

"Between chapters five and l1 of Romans, Paul talks about sin and death, life and grace, salvation and the law. He proposes peace between Jews and Gentile; he prays for Israel and he assures Israel that they are not all cast off. I want to assure Jamaica today that in the hands of our security services, and if we hold on to God's hand, we are not all cast off."

He further mentioned, "It doesn't matter how committed you are to this nation, the greatest commitment that you can give is a commitment to the body of Christ. Paul says in Romans chapter 12 verses 1 that believers should present their bodies as a living sacrifice..."

With a message for everyone, the president added that no longer should people become slaves to the world, relying greatly on things that can only offer temporary satisfaction.

"God calls each one of us to make a total commitment and give up our bodies and our lives to Him. A conscious commitment to service is what is required in all those who are spiritual; wherever we serve it ought to be a bodily commitment. The world is determined to mould you, but don't let it influence you greatly.

"Do not follow the conventions just to be like others - God demands more. You must be transformed by the renewal of your mind and true holiness. Living as a Christian means you have to leave some things behind, and we have to look forward and embrace something else. We cannot be outward show and empty on the inside. Transformation demands authentic change and integrity. Too many walking brass and tinkling cymbals are walking around, even in the church."

It is easy, he said, to do the wrong, hence a conscious effort must be made to deny evil and honour good.


"You do not change your moral code because you are better than others; you do not tell the truth because you cannot lie. You do this because you have been transformed. When men and women live as people of valour, a tremendous thing happens. It doesn't matter how troubled our nation is. If we put ourselves in the hand of God, God is able to transform, strengthen our commitment and our integrity, and God is able to bring joy to this island of Jamaica."

Gardner ended with a pronouncement of simple steps to be followed in order to attain the level of Godliness needed to be of service to mankind now and in the life to come.

"Begin to think valour - fill your minds with the best practices of the Christian faith. Take the name of Jesus with you. Do not remain a caterpillar, conforming to convention, when you can be a butterfly in transformation. Present your bodies first to God. You don't own your lives, God does, and

associate with people of valour in your faith and in your profession. God's will to create men and women of valour is perfect".