Wed | Mar 21, 2018

Police investigating circumstances surrounding St Ann fire that claimed sisters' lives

Published:Monday | April 25, 2016 | 2:03 PM

The police and fire brigade in St Ann are stepping up investigations into what led to a fire which destroyed a house in Crossroad, Keith, near Brown's Town in St Ann early Sunday morning.

Two sisters, 57-year-old Paulette James, and 59-year-old Janet James, perished in the fire that started around 4 o'clock Sunday morning.

Reports are that a group of men went to the area in search of a man they accused of stealing money from them. 

However, the man managed to escape and reportedly ran to a house for refuge.

The group of men reportedly set the house ablaze, but the alleged robber eluded them.

The charred remains of the women, who occupied the house, were found after the fire was put out.

As investigations continue, the police have increased patrols in Keith, Thickets and adjoining communities following a recent upsurge in criminal activities, which residents say have left them fearful.